Kid Gorgeous Reviews TV on the Radio’s new album, “Dear Science,”

Greetings KTXT listeners, this is Kid Gorgeous bringing to you the first album review for our blog, The Couch. And to start things off I get a chance to review TV on the Radios 3rd album, “Dear Science,.” Now usually when a band starts out their career with two critically acclaimed albums, it means their music can only go one way, and that’s down. Making three albums (and one EP) in a row that critics universally love is a rare thing in music today. Most bands can debut with a spectacular album and never reach that greatness again in their career, but TV on the Radio has gone against the odds and become one of the few that can consistently put out great music.

Originally from New York, TVOTR first gained the attention of America with their debut EP, “Young Liars” which first showed off their unique style of experimental art music. After this was their debut full-length album “Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes.” This album not only gained the band major attention from several music publications and websites, but also helped them to win the 2004 Shortlist Music Prize, beating other big artists of the year like Dizzee Rascal, Franz Ferdinand, and The Streets. Their follow up album, “Return to Cookie Mountain”, became an even bigger success. The album landed on several top 10 lists for 2006, including both Spin and Rolling Stone. Now when talk came about of TVOTR releasing their third album this year, I admittedly didn’t think much of it. Most bands that make two, or even just one good album usually can’t make much more after that. I could make a list of bands like this but in all honesty, the majority of bands in the indie world fit into this category. So obviously my natural instinct was “this album’s probably gonna suck.” But then I heard the track “Dancing Choose,” and I couldn’t help but laugh. It wasn’t just good it was awesome. It was different, fun and made me hopeful for this album, and I will tell you right now, I was not disappointed.

When a band begins making a new record, they either do the same thing over and over, or they try something so different that it’s like listening to another band. What TV on the Radio does on “Dear Science” is that they try out new things but still maintain their own unique style. TVOTR go for a slightly less dark sound with this album and were able to create some of the most danceable and fun music they’ve ever made. The first track, “Halfway Home,” kicks off the album with a sense of positivity. Kind of slow but has a lining of optimism. The next track, “Crying,” starts to add a little bit of dance influence to their music. Don’t let the title fool you; crying is the last thing you will think of when you hear this track. So far TVOTR doesn’t make any huge strides to change their style, however once you get to track three, “Dancing Choose,” the band takes a turn in a completely different direction. Quick lyrics, drum machines, and a danceable sound that I’ve never heard from this band make this song entirely different than anything TV on the Radio has done before, and it’s different in a good way.

The first single off “Dear Science,” is track number five, “Golden Age.” Now I don’t know if it’s the song itself or just the crazy video made for this song, but this track just oozes bright colors and happiness. I know that sounds weird but if you watch the video for this song you’ll agree with me. After this, the band slows everything down for the very atmospheric “Family Tree,” but everything picks right back up again with “Red Dress.” The album stays true to the new “danceable yet still very arty” style throughout the rest of the album. The album’s last track, “Lover’s Day,” closes out the album with a big ending. Much like the final scene in a big epic movie, this track serves as the ending to an album that defies all odds for one of the best modern indie bands.

Overall, “Dear Science” is an awesome album. When comparing it to TV on the Radios other releases, this album really can’t be compared. It’s different but it’s still TVOTR, which is what bands need to look at when trying to stay alive in the music industry. If you like TVOTR, get this album, if you like music you can dance and chill to, get this album. I love this album and it is definitely one of the best albums of 2008 so far.


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