Thee OhSees, Sic Alps, Ty Segall, & The Numerators

“This is like…hypnotizing…” said the girl to my left when Lubbock locals, The Numerators started off the show at Bash’s last Saturday, September 20th.  From their neon shorts to their brilliant crowd involving punkcrunkrapscreamfest, they definitely stole the show for me.  Ty Segall was charming as ever, always involving the crowd by promoting the making of a unique sound giving the audience instruments to participate in his music rather than just listen.  He made it feel more like a jam session than a show.  As more people came in and as more drinks were bought by the time the Sic Alps went on, everyone was dancing.  If there is one thing I love about them, its watching drummer Matt Hartman sing where the whole microphone is practically down his throat.  Classic.  Thee OhSees wrapped up the show with the amazing duets between singers John Dwyer and Brigid Dawson.  Lubbock always loves when Thee OhSees make a stop to show us just how to throw a nonstop dance party full of just enough alcohol and too much nicotine in a tiny room in metro Lubbock. What could be better…

-MeaghanSara “Karma”


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  1. dfhdfgk,u,h Said:

    the show sucked

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