Polka Dot Dot Dot

You know what I love and not embarrassed to tell the whole world (or at least whoever decides to give me the pleasure of reading this): the myspace. It has allowed so much music out there to be discovered at the tips of my fingers. I have found so many great bands through myspace. The one I have been listening to the most is Polka Dot Dot Dot.

POLKA DOT DOT DOT is a band from Olympia, Washington. They are a trio featuring Jordan O Jordan, Onyx of Olympia, and Miss Spindleheart. I remember the pleasure of seeing them in Amarillo during this summer and it was a great show. There were not many people at this little coffee shop called The 806, but still they put on a great show. They took everything from banjos, guitars, bells, ukuleles, handclaps, shakers, and saws to make their delightful sound. If I could give you one little tidbit, it would be to check out this band from Olympia called Polka Dot Dot Dot.




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